Worlds Adrift early access trailer shows off more airship shenanigans

Worlds Adrift, the airships and grappling hook sandbox, is due to launch on Steam Early Access next week after several testing phases, so of course it’s time for a new trailer. Watch it, and listen to the dodgy voice acting, above. 

“This is our story” is a line that needs to be banned from trailers, but it still makes me cringe less than “memories of the past span the horizon”. Gosh. Let’s not hold that against it though, because the stuff happening in the trailer looks like a hoot, and the stories that have come out of it do sound pretty great. 

“I’m staring at the gauges, when I see one of the cannons fly past me and knock them clean off,” says Andy in his Worlds Adrift preview. “They twirl into the storm, never to be seen again, and suddenly I’m blind. Bolts of lightning strike the ship, tearing it to pieces. My crewmates are gone. Then the ship turns upside down and I fall off, watching the wreck get smaller as I plummet into the depths of the storm. I can respawn at the nearest island, but my ship is done for, and my attempt to get through the storm wall is over.

Worlds Adrift is set after a calamity has torn the world apart, leaving people fighting over scant resources across a multitude of floating islands. You’ll be able to soar through the dangerous skies using your grappling hook and your ship, which you’ll have to construct yourself. You also might need some help crewing it. 

Worlds Adrift hits early access on May 17. 

Fraser Brown
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