How to complete Our Owlies in World of Warcraft

WoW our owlies - a blood elf demon hunter is standing in front of a Tawny Somnowl who has a red heart floating over their head
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Our Owlies is a world quest in World of Warcraft, added with the 10.2 patch alongside the new Emerald Dream zone. It tasks you with delivering several care packages but doesn't tell you where to go or who you need to give them to.

Yes, WoW's latest patch is here, though you'd be forgiven for wanting to just look ahead to the newly announced expansion, The War Within. That's not set to arrive until next year though, and the Guardians of the Dream update offers a new zone to explore and a raid to fight your way through. With that in mind, here's how to complete the Our Owlies world quest in WoW Dragonflight. 

WoW Our Owlies: Where to deliver the packages 

The Our Owlies world quest is found in the Eye of Ysera, in the northeast region of the Emerald Dream. Once you reach the area, you should speak to Kiya Featherpaw to get started. They're marked on the mini-map but you can find this NPC just to the south of the circular structure. Talk to Kiya and you can start delivering care packages, but where?

Check your mini-map and you should see some yellow dots telling you where you need to go. You're looking for a Tawny Somnowl and the faint yellow outline of a chest close by: they can be hard to see but the screenshot above should help you know what to look for. Interact with the chest and it will become solid and count as delivered. Now you just need to find five more.

Some of these chests are on top of the nearby structure, so if you can't find them on the ground, hop on your mount and check up top. There are also plenty on the small islands to the northeast of the area, so if you get really stuck, there should be more than enough for you to finish up the world quest there. I've also pointed out some of the locations where I found them in the second screenshot above.

Once you've delivered all six care packages required for the objective, the world quest will automatically complete and you'll be rewarded with 654 gold and Dream Wardens reputation.

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