Where to find a Speck of Bronze Dust in WoW Dragonflight

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If you're looking for Bronze Dust in World of Warcraft, you've likely got the Egg of Unknown Contents which you obtain by combining items found in the Zskera Vault. It's a good idea to venture inside the vault as soon as you can. Even if you're not interested in the cosmetic items it offers, you'll pick up the Onyx Annulet in the first room, a socketable, epic-quality ring. 

Speaking of cosmetic rewards, that's exactly what you'll need the Speck of Bronze Dust for: it's part of the process for collecting the Mossy Mammoth mount, and if you're looking for the dust, you don't have much more to do to get it. Here's how to find the WoW Speck of Bronze Dust in the Zskera Vault. 

WoW Bronze Dust: Where to get it 

As mentioned above, the Speck of Bronze Dust item is needed to add the Mossy Mammoth mount to your collection, and you'll need to combine it with the Egg of Unknown Contents to progress to the next stage. You should have already found and combined other items to get this far.

The items needed for the Mossy Mammoth mount are:

  • Strange Petrified Orb
  • Scrap of Black Dragonscales
  • Drop of Blue Dragon Magic
  • Everburning Ruby Coals
  • Speck of Bronze Dust
  • Emerald Dragon Brooch

The loot you find in the chests behind the locked doors inside the Zskera Vault is random, so if you haven't collected the item after unlocking every door on all the floors, you'll need to wait and try your luck again next week. It's also worth noting that the items seem to drop in the order you need them, so you shouldn't get the brooch before you get the Coals, for example. 

How to use the Speck of Bronze Dust to get the Mossy Mammoth 

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Like the other items needed for the mount, the Speck of Bronze Dust must be combined with another item to create something else, in this case, the Sleeping Ancient Mammoth item. Once done, you'll need to collect one more item and combine it to obtain the Mossy Mammoth mount. Here are all the steps (bolded items need to be found in the Zskera Vault): 

  1. Strange Petrified Egg + Scrap of Black Dragonscales = Particularly Ordinary Egg
  2. Drop of Blue Dragon Magic + Particularly Ordinary Egg = Magically Altered Egg
  3. Everburning Ruby Coals + Magically Altered Egg = Egg of Unknown Contents
  4. Speck of Bronze Dust + Egg of Unknown Contents = Sleeping Ancient Mammoth
  5. Emerald Dragon Brooch + Sleeping Ancient Mammoth = Mossy Mammoth

Congratulations, you can now use the Mossy Mammoth item to add the mount to your collection. 


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