World of Tanks update 9.0 out now, adds HD tanks, reworked maps and historical battles

A new update for World of Tanks is now available worldwide. Patch 9.0, named New Frontiers, is the first step in Wargaming's plan to massively overhaul the game . The update introduces new "high definition" models and textures for ten of the game's tanks. For now, those deadly machines get to lord it over their foes as the prettiest tanks in all the land. It's like Cinderella. With tanks.

In addition to their visual upgrade, tanks will get slightly altered physics. Suspension has been altered, for more realistic handling, and separately modelled sections mean that, upon destruction, turrets can detach from the main body of each HD tank. Maps are also getting an overhaul, as detailed in this Wargaming blog post .

Update 9.0 also introduces Historical Battles, giving players accurately kitted-out tanks in a specific selection of nation-versus-nation battles. With this update, Wargaming have recreated The Battle of Kursk, Operation Spring Awakening and The Battle of the Bulge. You can find out more about the mode in Wargaming's latest video:

World of Tanks' New Frontiers patch is out now.

Phil Savage

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