World of Tanks video introduces upcoming physics system, destructible buildings

Wargaming have announced a new series of development diaries that will outline their planned features across the next year of World of Tanks. Where their update videos are often thumping, brash affairs that take to the internet, screaming "TAAAAAAAAANKS!" , these videos are altogether more considered. The first, detailing an upgraded physics system, sports a contemplative frown, a raised eyebrow, and a metaphorically muttered "hmm... tanks?". It is likely the first time in history that Sigmund Freud has been used as the justification for destructible building physics.

While crumbling buildings are the obvious highlight, the game's tanks are also receiving an overhaul. Wheels and treads will be more heavily affected by the shape of the terrain, and the turret will become a separate model - one that can fly off and even damage other tanks.

There's no firm release date for these additions, but at least some of the changes will debut in the game's upcoming 9.0 patch .

Phil Savage

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