Win a chance to gain free access to Frostkeep Studios' new survival game in the Rend alpha key giveaway

UPDATE: The code giveaway has come to a close.

Rend is a new fantasy survival game from original World of Warcraft and League of Legends developers, Frostkeep Studios, that pits three distinct teams against one another in 60-player competitive matches set in an epic fantasy world.

In this game, players must learn to survive and dominate the brutal world to ultimately become the new Norse golds of Valhalla.  You can combine forces to build your team’s stronghold, and battle foes and brutal creatures. Together, you will endure the dangers of Rend’s treacherous landscapes to discover valuable resources and powerful artifacts. With the game’s deep talent trees and skill systems, you’ll have the freedom to choose how you want to fight for your team’s victory. When a cycle ends, one faction will be declared the winner… but the end is only the beginning. Victorious players will receive rewards they can use in subsequent cycles as they ascend to legendary heights as heroes.

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