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What did you play last week?

(Image credit: Hammerfall)

Tom Senior has been playing chess, but not any old chess: battle chess (opens in new tab). And more specifically, the Warhammer 40,000-themed chess-with-orks game Regicide. It's a goofy mix of actual chess rules and special abilities, where taking a piece with another in traditional style results in an autokill but you can always plink away with your boltgun for a few points of damage at that space marine bishop instead.

Emma Matthews has been playing Hyper Scape, the team-based battle royale from Ubisoft now in beta (opens in new tab). If you thought Apex Legends had some fancy weapon animations they're nothing on Hyper Scape's distracting guns, which deconstruct themselves like Tediore weapons in Borderlands 2. There's apparently a fresh take on BR beneath the flash, but as Emma notes it's an uphill battle getting noticed there.

Jonathan Bolding has been playing Shadow Empire, a strategy 4X on a hex grid (opens in new tab) that Jon calls "a wargamer's wargame". It's got a lot of detail to its simulation of sci-fi worlds, complete with plate tectonics, civilian economies modeled finely, and extensive customization, but it's all either locked off or hidden away.

Harry Shepherd has been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Far Cry New Dawn for the thrill of cleaning up (opens in new tab), experiencing the joy of tidying the markers in an open world even more while under lockdown. Anecdotally I've heard a few other people say the same thing, that they're in the mood for comfort food and open-world completionism provides plenty.

Graeme Meredith has been playing Going Under, a roguelike set in an office (opens in new tab). You survive at the bottom of the unclimbable corporate ladder by fighting "joblins" in a roguelike fashion, like Enter the Gungeon in a suit. 

Enough about us. What about you? Have you tried Devolver Expoland (opens in new tab), the freebie they gave away at the climax of their showcase yesterday? Have you had a chance to try F1 2020 (opens in new tab)? Let us know!

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