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Going Under: the first "Office-Like"?

Is there anything worse than unpaid internships? What about unpaid internships where you have to clear basements filled with grubby goblins?  Unfortunately, that's your current situation in the corporate dungeon crawler Going Under (opens in new tab)

You play as Jacqueline, new intern to a dubious mega-corp, and your singular task is to smash and bash your way deeper and deeper into the goblin filled underworld of your company's basement. It's not an ideal first day at work, but it beats making teas and coffees.  

Going Under was a standout demo from this year's Steam Summer Games Festival and Graeme loved its sharp corporate satire, colourful weaponry, and hack-and-slash combat. Check out the video above to watch him brawl through the bowels of Going Under's office building and lob countless office supplies at tiny angry goblins.

Introduced to PC Gaming by free floppy disks off the front of self-help PC magazines his Mum bought in the early 90s. Usually daydreaming about some stupid Sega arcade thing. Considers video editing the greatest videogame of all time.