What did you play last week?

Everspace 2
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Steven Messner played Everspace 2, the space-based looter-shooter. It's about to hit Early Access and seems like a combination of Wing Commander and the progression systems of Destiny, like somebody saw the loading screen spaceships and decided to make that the game. It's been a while since there was a spaceship game I could get into, maybe this will be the one?

Emma Matthews played Call of Duty: Cold War's dropkick mode, a battle over a briefcase full of nuclear codes for two teams of six. The small team sizes and competition are apparently encouraging more teamwork than when you've got 40 people fighting over dirty bombs in a fireteam mode, and less focus on your K/D ratio. Which is nice.

Andy Kelly played Knights of the Old Republic, since he's been jonesing for more Star Wars since watching season two of The Mandalorian. The BioWare classic held up to his memories of it, which is always good to hear, and apparently it runs well on modern PCs, which is a plus.

Wes Fenlon played GTA Online, and found it's still a baffling mess. Too many menus, cheaters, long load times, and general confusion are the main culprits. Yet it's still raking in half a billion dollars a year through microtransactions. Much as I've enjoyed watching other people play, or reading their stories, my own brief experience was just as full of frustration. It never stops being a surprise how much hard work it is to enjoy some of the biggest multiplayer games.

I've been playing Acolyte: Prologue, the free first chapter of a game where you bug-test and hack an AI personal assistant who responds to anything you type, as well as returning to Borderlands 3 for its DLC. The difference in quality between the disappointing main campaign and some of the expansions is night and day, which is a relief. It's made me interested in the series again, and now I wouldn't mind a Borderlands 4 actually.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been bashing your way through the re-released River City Ransom homage Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, or trying whimsical RPG Omori? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
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