What did you play last week?

I had no idea Demon's Tilt was a thing until Wes Fenlon told me he was playing it and now it's on my wishlist. Imagine pinball but made by Satanists who are confused about pinball, who think that maybe it should be more like a twin-stick shooter complete with spiraling bullet patterns. It looks wild.

Both Andy Kelly and Shaun Prescott have been playing Metro Exodus, with Shaun making some interesting points about its landscapes and how they compare to those of other modern games. Andy provides this PSA about its morality system: Don't be a dick

Lauren Morton's been playing Elder Scrolls Online, although when I say playing mostly she's been hanging out on a bridge in search of a character named Sleeps-On-Bridges. The way other players gravitate to someone who literally just lies on a bridge, and then the oddball things they do around him, makes this story fun even if you don't care about the game.

Christopher Livingston has bashed through Far Cry New Dawn, and mostly been impressed by the fact it lets you have a boar as a companion. It sounds like a goofy romp, but then it also gets pretty grim when it comes to the fate of the protagonist of Far Cry 5. As someone who hasn't played one of these games since Blood Dragon, I'm surprised they're still finding ways to be as weird as the one with the mutant cassowaries. 

A few of us have dived into Anthem so far and first impressions are mixed. You can read Steven Messner's review in progress, and James Davenport's report of the rough time he's had due to some bugs. I've been annoyed by the way it teleports you around if one player races ahead during story missions and how easy it is on normal difficulty, but switching to private mode so that it's a singleplayer game (outside of freeplay at least, where other players share the open world) has fixed both those problems.

As well as Anthem I've been replaying Quake. I went through a phase of being obsessed with it back in the day, and thanks to Quakespasm letting me play it with widescreen and modern mouselook I'm enjoying it again. If anyone has any favorite Quake mods, let me know.

What about you, readers? Anyone else revisiting some classics? One of you mentioned getting into Morrowind and Tetris last week, which is a heck of a combo. Or are you trying Apex Legends and being shocked that there's a new battle royale game that doesn't suck? Let us know in the comments. 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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