Watch the final day of the PUBG Invitational from Gamescom right here

It's the final day of the 2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Invitational at Gamescom, and you can tune in above to see who claims the last available chicken dinner. It kicks off at 7:20 am Pacific, 4:20 pm (woo) CST.

So far, the Invitational has been a mix of high-octane action and low-octane camping as players hid underwater and crouched inside blue electrical fields while healing themselves for long minutes, waiting for everyone else to die. Well, in PUBG, it's not about how many people you kill, it's about being the last one standing, and hiding is often the best way to stay alive.

There were also some scoring issues when a leaderboard didn't display the correct information, according to community manager Sammie Kang in this write-up over at Kotaku. "There was a bug in the leaderboard," said Kang. "We thought Bosphorus was second place but due to the ranking system for this event, they were third place. We didn’t clarify this in yesterday’s stream enough."

Christopher Livingston
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