League of Legends' Dreamhack finals will be streaming all day long


Update: Congrats to TSM for taking 3rd place! The Grand Finals between the European teams aAa (against All authority) and FnaticMSI are set to start at midnight in Sweden (3pm PST). Come back and watch the livestream with us on the site!

Consider this something of a public service announcement: if you're anywhere near a computer with internet access (likely, seeing as you're reading this), then you owe it to yourself to check out the livestream for the League of Legends DreamHack finals , which is currently (as of 10:45am PST) kicking off the match between aAa and Team SoloMid to determine who takes 3rd place and who'll be making it to the Grand Finals. With the pro-level shoutcasting and High Definition stream, this is one live event you shouldn't miss (even if you're at work—just tell your boss you have some important eSports matters to attend to). Check it out at Riot's Season One Championship site !