Watch Ninja teach Jimmy Fallon the Pon Pon Dance and explain why people like Fortnite

Famed Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins appeared on The Tonight Show last night, bantering with host Jimmy Fallon about videogames, streaming, parental control, his New Year's Eve livestream from Times Square, and—of course—his famed Pon Pon dance. 

I can't help wondering if Ninja is dancing on the edges of over-exposure. The Drake team-up was cool and his appearance with Ellen was cute, but with the upcoming New Year's Eve stream, the ESPN cover athlete appearance, the NFL commentary, and now Fallon, it's getting to be an awful lot of Ninja floating around out there.   

But it's hard to argue his appeal as a high-profile "face" of gaming: His appearance on Fallon comes off as informed, genuine, and—maybe most important in the eyes of nervous parents of young children—safe. His answers to questions about why Fortnite is so popular, or why anyone would want to watch someone else play a videogame, are simple and direct—common sense, really—and his delivery is high-speed but relaxed enough to be disarming. Ninja's rise to fame has come quickly, but he's obviously pretty comfortable with it.

Ninja's New Year's Eve livestream starts at 4 pm ET on December 31.

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