Watch 3M dunk an Intel PC inside a vat of liquid to keep it cool

In most cases, dipping your PC in a container of liquid while it's turned on is a surefire way to fry your components—you're far better off selecting from our list of the best CPU coolers. That said, we're reminded on occasion of more extreme methods of cooling, like submerging a PC in a tank of mineral oil or, in the case of 3M, using Novec.

Novec is an "engineered fluid" that is non-conductive and used for immersion cooling in some data centers. HardOCP spotted a new video on YouTube that was posted by Conny Larsson, an engineer at 3M. His latest demo is a followup to one that he posted several years ago, only this time it's a much more compact and finalized version of his previous Novec build.

What makes this demo so nifty is that it's size. It's small enough to be practical in a home setting, though we're sure the cost and perhaps maintenance prevent it from being actually practical.

Still, it's a neat video, which you can check out above. Conny also posted a 7-part series on how he built his demo rig. Here's part 1 below.

Paul Lilly

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