How to find the Warzone Rambo POW dog tags locations

Warzone Rambo POW dog tags
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Looking for the Warzone Rambo POW dog tags? Survival Camps have popped up all over Verdansk '84, and they're linked to the one and only John Rambo. If you've already opened the Nakatomi Plaza vault, chances are you're ready to venture away from Downtown into the tiny camps that now litter the map.

There are ten POW dog tag locations, but you only need to visit three Survival Camps to collect the tags and claim your Rare Calling Card reward. I'm here to help you retrieve the items quickly so that you can complete the rest of your '80s Action Heroes missions, so here are all the Rambo POW dog tags locations.

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All Warzone Rambo POW dog tags locations

Before getting started, head to the CIA Outpost. Interacting with the map here will mark all ten POW dog tags locations on your map. However, these will disappear when you hop into a fresh match, so I've marked the spots on the map above to help you out.

When you arrive at each location, look out for Fallen Soldier Tags on the ground—these are the POW dog tags you're looking for. You can't really miss them as they're quite large. The easiest way to collect them is by hopping into Plunder and dropping as close to one of the zones marked in the map above as possible. Alternatively, you can use a vehicle or helicopter to reach the location quickly.

Some players claim that you can only collect one dog tag per match. So, if you want to complete this challenge as fast as possible, leave the match immediately after retrieving a tag to head into a new game. Others have reported that they've managed to grab multiple tags in a match by dropping in Survival Camps that are close to each other.

Rambo POW dog tags rewards

After you've collected three dog tags, you'll complete the 'Mission Accomplished' challenge in the '80s Action Heroes event and bag yourself a Rare Calling Card called 'Action Packed'. You're now ready to move onto the next quest.

There are a few Rambo-themed challenges, including 'They Drew First Blood', which encourages you to be the first member of your squad to get a kill. If you manage to complete all nine challenges, you'll unlock the Ignition blueprint for the Pelington 703.

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