How to find the keycards and open Warzone's Nakatomi Plaza vault

Warzone Vault Keycard Nakatomi Plaza
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How do you open the Warzone Nakatomi Plaza vault? Season 3 Reloaded is officially here, and it's kicking off the mid-season update with an '80s Action Heroes event that welcomes Rambo and John McClane to Verdansk '84. Nakatomi Plaza has appeared in Downtown, and not only is the the tallest building to ever stand in the Warzone map, word on the street is that there's a cool $100,000 stashed inside.

The vault is located on the 31st Floor and it contains three safety deposit boxes that each require their own key. You can access the vault using any of the three keycards, but you'll need to complete all three challenges to walk out with everything. Here's how to find the Warzone vault keycards and open the Nakatomi Plaza vault.

How to get the Warzone vault keycards and open the Nakatomi Plaza vault

Before we get started, it's worth mentioning that you can complete this in both Warzone's regular Battle Royale and Plunder modes as they're both set in Verdansk '84. However, I recommend teaming up with your pals as its tricky to complete these challenges solo. 

Once you're able to access the Vault you'll find tonnes of cash split into bags and piles. I've dropped Wetzel's full walkthrough video below, and I've added some images to show you what you need to look out for. You can also interact with the safety deposit boxes, located on the vault's back wall to claim extra goodies. However, each one is assigned to its own keycard. Here's how to get all three Warzone vault keycards and open the Nakatomi Plaza vault:

Vault Keycard 1

  • Drop into the Downtown area, then find and activate an Unfinished Business contract. These contracts can be found around the base of Nakatomi Plaza. They're similar to existing Scavenger contracts (where you have to open three supply crates). 
  • Upon opening the final supply crate, you'll find Vault Keycard - 1
  • Head to Floor 31 in Nakatomi Plaza—ascend the elevator shaft to save time, then climb another flight of stairs, or take the zipline outside. The vault is opposite a large, gold logo and has screens by its entrance. 
  • Interact with the screens to open the vault, and claim the cash inside.
  • There's also a wall of safety deposit boxes, which you can open with each numbered keycard, so in this case, you can open the box that requires Vault Keycard - 1. 

Vault Keycard 1 rewards: Specialist Bonus tokens and cash.

Vault Keycard 2

  • Drop onto Nakatomi Plaza's roof. As soon as you land, a mission will pop up on your screen that reads: "Hostile Fire: find and disarm the C4".
  • You'll immediately be able to see where the C4 is located around the building. All you need to do is head to each explosive and deactivate them.
  • After you've disarmed the final one, retrieve Vault Keycard - 2.
  • Head to the 31st Floor and interact with the screens to access the vault, grab the money, and open the safety deposit box using the keycard.

Vault Keycard 2 rewards: Advanced UAV and cash.

Vault keycard 3

  • Drop at the base of Nakatomi Plaza and look out for grey steps that lead underneath the building. These lead to the parking lot underneath the Plaza.
  • Run over the white truck with its doors open and you'll find a table with a bright light and radio stationed in the back. Interact with the table to activate the 'Deal Gone Wrong' mission, which challenges you to eliminate waves of zombies.
  • There are two waves to survive, so eliminate all the enemies, including a brute at the end. The final enemy will drop Vault Keycard - 3
  • Go to Floor 31 and interact with the screens to open the vault. Don't forget to check the safety deposit boxes on the wall and open them with your keycards.

Vault Keycard 3 rewards: Contraband weapon blueprint.

Arms Deal Public Event

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What is the Warzone Arms Deal Public Event?

Season 3 launched with nine Warzone challenges that link to its '80s Action Heroes event. Three of them link to Nakatomi Plaza. I was able to complete the Arms Deal Public Event challenge by clearing the enemies in the Nakatomi parking lot (where you can find Vault Keycard - 3). 'Hostile Takeover' and 'Happy Trails' also require you to pay the Tower a visit. In addition, there are some Rambo-themed challenges that encourage us to comb the rest of Verdansk '84.

The '80s Action Heroes event challenges are:

  • They Drew First Blood: In Warzone, earn First Blood by being the first member of your squad to get a kill. Reward: Epic Calling Card.
  • Yippee Ki Yay: In Warzone, get 15 kills with explosive weapons or lethal equipment. Reward: Legendary Charm.
  • No Tags Left Behind: In Warzone Power Grab, collect 50 dog tags. Reward: Epic Emblem.
  • Get to the Choppa!: In Warzone Power Grab, reach the final circle five times. Reward: Rare Sticker.
  • Get Together, Have A Few Laughs: In Warzone, eliminate 25 enemy agents during the Arms Deal Public Event. Reward: Epic Calling Card.
  • Happy Trails: In Warzone, survive a jump to the ground from the top of Nakatomi Tower. Reward: Rare Emblem.
  • Hostile Takeover: In Warzone, complete any of the three side missions at Nakatomi Tower. Reward: Legendary Charm.
  • Mission Accomplished: In Warzone, collect three Rambo POW dog tags. Reward: Rare Calling Card.
  • The Mind is the Best Weapon: In Warzone, get three kills with the Combat Bow Killstreak. Reward: Rare Sticker.
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