How to get into the locked room at the lumbermill in Wartales

Wartales the locked door - the lumbermill is a wooden building near the side of the dirt road with grassy woodland nearby
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If you're looking for a way to get into the locked room in Wartales, chances are you've arrived at the lumbermill in Tiltren. At first glance, it doesn't seem like there's anything to do here yet. A lone NPC tells you it's "just a simple sawmill," and that's about it. On closer inspection, however, you'll notice a locked trapdoor on the floor requiring an Ornate Key.

The lumbermill is accessible from the start of the game, though you might want to wait until you've gained a couple of levels before taking on this particular quest—maybe capture an animal or two to help you out. You'll be thrown into a fight once you discover what's hidden down there so brush up on your combat skills first. That said, here's how to get into the locked room in Wartales and where to find the Ornate Key. 

Wartales locked room: Where to find the Ornate Key 

The lumbermill is found almost directly north of Stromkapp. Once you enter the building, you'll find one NPC, Ines, and not much else. She seems pretty stand-offish and is clearly keen for you to leave. Before you do, though, take a look at the floor behind the logs on the right of the building and you'll see a locked door. Hovering your cursor informs you that you need to find an Ornate Key to open it.

Now, don't be like me and scour every inch of the countryside within a six-mile radius of the lumbermill. Instead, look up and see the chest in the hay loft, partially concealed by the shadows. Inspect the chest to find the Ornate Key, which you can then take two steps to the right and use on the locked trap door.

You'll find two refugee NPCs inside, and they seem scared of you. Once you've looked around, you can head back outside, but as soon as you try to leave the mill, Ines and her goonies will attack. Fight them or negotiate: if you choose to fight, you'll be rewarded with Krowns, food, and a decent piece of armor. 

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