Wargaming Labs presents the Indie Showcase at the PC Gamer Weekender

Wargaming Labs will be showcasing unpublished indie games at our London live event The PC Gamer Weekender this month. Last year Wargaming Labs brought the grand strategy space game Masters of Orion to the Weekender, this year new talent takes the spotlight.

Come along to the London Olympia on the 18-19 Feb and you'll have the chance to see these upcoming indie gems first-hand and chat to the developers that created them.

If you're making an unpublished indie game, Wargaming Labs still have room for new projects. To apply for a space simply email Warwick.Roberts@futurenet.com with:  
1. A working demo of the game you would like to display (does not have to be the game, just proof it exists and enough information to be judged).
2. A small bio for the game you want to enter.
3. A bio about yourself.
4. Why we should choose you.

"The PC Gamer Weekender is a fantastic, specialized event that brings together a talent hub of indie developers from prospective European gaming markets,” says Andrey Gruntov, global publishing producer, Wargaming Labs. “We’ll be supporting a Showcase for indie developers, where you’ll be able to get early access to their latest projects and have a chance to see them first. If you're a talented developer, or just want to chat about Wargaming Labs and what we do, we’re looking forward to seeing you in the Indie Showcase."

For more news and announcements follow the event on Twitter and Facebook. To book tickets, which start at £12.99, head over to the PC Gamer Weekender website.

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