Visor is a Quake Champion who can see through walls

A new Quake Champions teaser turns the spotlight on the Quake 3: Arena stalwart Visor, a "cybernetic clone" with a big piece of metal welded to his face. You might think that would put him at a disadvantage when it comes to things like, say, seeing where he's going or what he's shooting at, but actually it's just the opposite: His "Piercing Sight" active ability enables him to see through walls, making him very difficult to sneak up on. 

Visor's passive, "Grasshopper," sounds like a good one for players who can take advantage of it, as it lets him continually pick up speed while strafe-jumping, with no upper limit. In a way it's reminiscent of Ranger's "Son of a Gun" passive, in the way it facilitates old-school movement: Rocket jumping in Ranger's case, and strafe-jumping for Visor. 

Bethesda also confirmed that the first Quake Champions esports tournament, featuring both Duel and the 4v4 Sacrifice modes, will take place at this year's Quakecon, which will run from August 24-27 in Dallas. Qualifiers will begin in June, "so we encourage players interested in competing to join the 'Large Scale Tech Test' that will run from this Friday, May 12 through May 21 to begin practicing and developing strategies."

Access to the test is guaranteed for everyone who signs up—if you haven't already done so, you can register for access at

Andy Chalk

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