Valve announces Steam Machine manufacturers, open to making its own

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, Gabe Newell was blinded by a bright future as he revealed the manufacturers working with Valve to release this year's line of Steam Machines —living room PCs which will come equipped with Valve's free, Linux-based SteamOS . The current lineup includes Alienware, Materiel.Net, Alternate, Next, CyberPowerPC, Origin, Digital Storm, Scan Computers, Falcon Northwest, Webhallen, GigaByte, Zotac, iBuyPower, and Maingear.

Along with the Steam Machines, Valve will be producing and selling the notably owl-like Steam Controller . Regarding producing its own hardware in general—including Steam Machines, perhaps—Newell said, "We'll continue to make that decision as we go along." With such a large list of third-party manufacturers, we don't expect significant news on that front soon.

Below are the photos intrepid reporter Cory Banks snapped of the boxes on display—which is most of what has been announced at CES, except Maingear's machine, a last minute addition, and the systems from Origin and Scan.

$499 and up | AMD/Intel Core i5 CPU | AMD Radeon R9 270/Nvidia GTX 760 | 8GB RAM | 500GB storage

iBuyPower Steam Machine

$499 and up | Quad core AMD or Intel CPU | Radeon GCN Graphics | 8GB RAM | 500GB+ storage

$599 | Intel Core (TBD) | Nvidia GeForce GTX TBD |RAM TBD | Storage TBD

Price TBD | Intel Core i5 | Nvidia GT 760 | 8GB RAM | 1TB storage

Price TBD | Intel Core i7-4770R | Intel Iris Pro 5200 | 8GB | 1TB SATA 6Gb/sata

$1,098 | Intel Core i5 4440 | MSI GeForce GTX 760 OC | 8GB RAM | 8 GB + 1 TB SSHD

$1,799 to $6000 | CPU is customizable | Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan | 8 to 16 GB RAM | up to 6 TB storage

$1,499 | Intel Core i7 | Nvidia GT 780 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSHD

$1,339 | Intel Core i5 4570 | Gigabyte GTX 760 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSHD

Bolt II $2,584 (starts at $1,900) | Intel Core i7 4770K | Nvidia GTX 780 Ti | 16GB RAM | 1TB HDD + 120 GB SSD

Origin PC Chronos

Price TBD | Intel Core i7 4770K (3.9 to 4.6 GHz) | 2 x 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX Titans


$1,090 | Intel Core i3 4000M | Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M | 8GB RAM | 500GB

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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