Valheim is teasing new armor stands to display your gear

Valheim work in progress screenshot of a viking standing in front of wooden stands with sets of armor hanging on them.
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

What good is a hearth and a home and hoards of treasure without a way to show it off to your pals? Your vikings deserve to make a statement, which is why crafting survival game Valheim is getting armor stands. You've already got craftable piles of gold to decorate with, item stands to hang the heads of gods you've killed, and soon you'll be able to display the gear that got you there.

Iron Gate Studios is once again teasing new additions to the game with a quick gif. Although the next major Mistlands update is still in development and coming next year, smaller patches and updates are rolling out in the meantime. It sure looks like we may be getting armor stands in our stockings this year.

Okay, we're definitely getting armor stands. Iron Gate doesn't specify that this handy addition will be landing in December, but one of its developers saying "just make sure you're on Santa's nice list this year" isn't exactly subtle.

Based on the work in progress peek, it looks like Valheim's armor stands will be able to hold an entire set of armor, a weapon, and a shield. It makes for a nice way to show off your gear or to stash it so it takes up less precious storage chest space. For my gold, armor stands are all about décor. 

Valheim also happens to be nominated for two different categories at The Game Awards next week, in case you care to partake in the voting. It's been a favorite of mine and several other PCG writers this year and is now up for "best multiplayer" and "best debut indie" in next week's awards show.

Lauren Morton
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