Urien for a treat with Street Fighter V's latest update

Street Fighter V is getting a big update next week that adds a new character, Urien, a 'Vs. CPU' function to let you fight in one-off matches against the computer (I'm a little amazed that wasn't in the game before now), new Daily Targets so you can earn a little extra Fight Money on the side, and Fighter Profiles so you can see how good or rubbish you are compared to your friends.

There are also a bunch of new costumes and character colours, and additional environmental K.O.s, as revealed on the Capcom Unity blog (there will be a few readers who haven't got that pun yet—it's like 'Cap-community', DO YOU SEE?)

Urien is the biggest deal of this latest update, of course, a fighter returning from Street Fighter III, and with a few more clothes. The Vice President of the Illuminati can be bought with Fight Money or Actual Money, and yep, he's included with the Season Pass.

The update arrives on September 22, and you can read the full details of what's included here.

Tom Sykes

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