Upcoming film Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as a rogue NPC stuck in a GTA-style game

Ryan Reynolds is reprising his role as quippy action movie man in Free Guy, which probably wouldn't be on my radar, or PC Gamer, if it wasn't obviously inspired by the likes of GTA Online. 

Free City is an MMO where players run around murdering each other, sometimes with with fighter jets, and pulling off heists. Reynolds plays an NPC bank teller who, like the fine people of San Andreas, Liberty City, Steelport and so on, just goes about his routine and ignores the mayhem. Until he doesn't, otherwise there wouldn't be much of a movie. 

The setup reminds me of The Truman Show, but instead of finding out he's the star of a TV show, Reynolds' Guy isn't even an important NPC. There's no time to explore the existential terror of this discovery, unfortunately, because Free City is going to be shut down. The world needs a hero, and conveniently Guy gets the power of a player, or something, via a pair of glasses, and the action commences. 

Movies inspired by videogames are often shit, but I do at least like the premise of this one. It's a shame it seemingly devolves into another action movie where Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds, but on the other hand I quite like Ryan Reynolds. What a conundrum! Taika Waititi is in it, too, ensuring that I'll give it a watch. 

It's due out in cinemas on July 3, 2020.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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