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This 28-inch 4K monitor from BenQ is a sweet deal at just $239 on Amazon

BenQ EL2870U
(Image credit: BenQ)

Is it time to make the move to 4K? We've got a long list of the year's best Black Friday gaming monitor deals, but if you're looking for an inexpensive high-res option, the BenQ EL2870U could be the ticket. It's a 28-inch 4K HDR display with 1ms response time and support for AMD FreeSync, and right now it's on for just $239.99 at Amazon, $60 off the regular price.

We reviewed the EL2870U in 2019 and liked it a lot, giving it an 89% rating. It's a very straightforward design, lacking in any of the weird angles or illumination seen on some gamer monitors, but the image quality is outstanding: It performed equally well in the bright lights of Assassin's Creed Odyssey and the creeping gloom of Metro Exodus, and also made for an outstanding everyday monitor. It supports BenQ's Low Blue Light Technology and Brightness Intelligence Plus option to theoretically help alleviate eyestrain during long sessions.

The one knock against this unit is its 60Hz refresh rate. Gamers whose taste runs to high-speed action like Apex Legends or Rocket League may want to stick with the faster, pricier 144Hz displays we typically recommend. But if your preference is for slower sorts of games, or you want the 4K fuss is all about without blowing $500 or more on the process, then the lower refresh rate is fine. I opted for a 60Hz unit for my first 4K monitor last year (not this BenQ, to be clear), and The Witcher 3 looked absolutely glorious on it—and it played great too.


BenQ EL2870U | 28 inch | 4K | 60Hz | 1ms response time | FreeSync | $299.99 $239.99 at Amazon (save $60)
BenQ's EL2870U is an excellent low-cost path to 4K: The 60Hz refresh rate may put off competitive shooter fans, but the image quality is outstanding. "For those wanting 4K and HDR on a budget, it’s easy to recommend," we said in our 89% review. And at this price, it's even easier.

60Hz can be hard to go back to once you've tasted 144Hz, but you at least get a 1ms response time and FreeSync support, which will help ensure tearing-free performance on AMD GPUs. It's also got HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, as well as built-in speakers that, let's be honest, probably aren't great. The EL2870U itself, though? Very nice indeed.

Andy Chalk

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