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The more arms the better in stylish side-scroller They Always Run

Why do they always run? I dunno, mate, but it's probably got something to do with the three gun-toting arms you're packing. 

Jetting in during the PC Gaming Show, They Always Run is a side-scrolling cyberpunk space western that puts you in the boots of an alien bounty hunter, traipsing across the galaxy in search of your next paycheck. Granted, this might just mean hauling cargo or acquiring valuable treasure—but admittedly yes, most of the time you'll be hacking and slashing through criminal goons.

Thankfully, your alien limb-count isn't just cosmetic. Aiden (the alien is called Aiden, yes) is something of a multi-tasker, using his third arm to both throw enemies in combat, pick fights with multiple foes, and opens up options for manipulating the environment.

Aiden's gigs will take him and his growing crew across a galaxy of hand-painted environments, embroiling themselves in an interstellar conspiracy while committing a whole lotta murder with various guns and weapons. They Always Run will hit Steam later this year.

Natalie Clayton

A one-time dog sledder, pancake flipper, alien wrangler and indie darling, Nat now scours the internet looking for the hottest PC gaming news. Destined to become Scotland's first Battlemech pilot.