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Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface is now terrorizing teens in Dead by Daylight

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Leatherface joined the cast of Dead by Daylight yesterday with a bit of $4 DLC that adds the "skin clad maniac," who the devs also note just wants to be accepted, to the asymmetrical survival horror game.

Leatherface will kill with "devastating sweeping attacks" from his chainsaw, of course, and his perks include Knockout, which hides dying survivor's auras; Barbecue & Chili, which reveals distant survivor's auras after you hook one of them; and Franklin's Demise which forces survivors to drop and damage their items. Poor Franklin.

Along with several original murderers, Leatherface joins fellow horror star Michael Myers, who was released with the Halloween DLC last year. On top of the new murderer, Dead by Daylight is currently discounted to $10, and is free-to-play this weekend.

Tyler Wilde

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