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Team Fortress 2 update released, bringing new maps, balance changes, and Summer keys

Team Fortress 2 has been updated with the previously teased huge housekeeping patch. Along with the continued and unstoppable flood of new Workshop items, this update also tweaks and rebalances weapons, and brings a round of fixes to smooth over the glitches and exploits found in older maps. They've even made changes to Hydro - proving, perhaps, that the Territorial Control game mode is only partially beyond redemption.

It's not all about tidying up, though. We also get two new community Control Point maps: Process and Standin. In addition, 60 new items (read: mostly hats) have made the jump from Workshop to game, using Valve's new community verification tool. This speeds up the process by applying a series of conditions to a proposed item, and awarding a gold star to those that pass the tests. Valve hope that it will increase the rate at which they can introduce new items to the game. Because what's a hat simulator without a steady flow of new headwear?

Finally they've unleashed "Summer Cooler Keys", the Crate opening summer variant that is further proof - if it were needed - that the Steam Summer Sale is imminently incoming. Like, almost certainly later today.

You can find the full changelist on the TF2 update post . If you're anything like me, you'll be straight there and Ctrl+F'ing for your favourite weapon in the hope that it's been left unchanged.

Phil Savage
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