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Street Fighter V gets Balrog later this week

Balrog, arguably the angriest Street Fighter to ever street fight, will join the Street Fighter V roster on July 1, Capcom announced at CEO 2016 today. It was also confirmed that Ibuki, previously confirmed in her own trailer, will roll out at the same time this Friday, as will a new cinematic story mode.

Urien and Juri are also forthcoming, as the below trailer will prove, but there's not yet a firm release window for their rollout. Check out the new, improved, much angrier Balrog in the trailer below.

Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian Editor. He loves masochistic platformers but lacks the skill and grace to complete them. He has four broken keyboards hidden under his desk, filed between an emergency six-pack of Reschs and five years worth of XXL promotional t-shirts. He stares out the window a lot.