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SteelSeries Rival 110 gaming mouse promises precise control at a low price

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SteelSeries just launched another mouse that uses a similar optical sensor as found in the company's Sensei 310, which currently resides in our list of the best wired gaming mice. Unlike the Sensei 310, however, the new Rival 110 is not an ambidextrous rodent—it only has thumb buttons on the left side, making it suitable for right-handed gamers.

The Rival 110 uses a custom TrueMove1 optical sensor built by PixArt. SteelSeries says it is the same as the TrueMove3 found in the Rival 310 and Sensei 310 with the same "true 1 to 1 tracking" ability, but features a lower maximum counts per inch (7,200 cpi) and inches per second (240 ips). Most serious gamers will find that acceptable, as many feel there are diminished returns when cranking up the sensitivity beyond a certain point.

"We continue to innovate in sensor tracking technology with the expansion of our TrueMove line of sensors with the TrueMove1 in the Rival 110," said Jason Christian, SteelSeries Category Manager for Mice & Keyboards. "This is the first time that gamers can experience true 1 to 1, esports tracking with a smaller form-factor and at a very welcoming price."

That "welcoming price" is $40, compared to $60 for the Sensei 310 and Rival 310.

There are six buttons total on the Rival 110, including two left thumb buttons. It also features textured side grips, RGB illumination, onboard memory to save custom settings, and a lightweight design 87.5 grams)

The Rival 110 is available now direct from SteelSeries.

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