Saints Row 4 trailer introduces you to the President of the United States of Ameriwub

Saints Row 4 trailer thumb

What does a game that's as all out crazy as Saints Row 4 do when it's in danger of being out-sillified by recent releases like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ? This: the latest trailer for Volition's madcap open-world sequel. It goes all out with dubstep, super-powers, and a President that - at a guess - has never once cared about an opinion poll.

Sure, Obama can do a good Daniel Day Lewis , but have we ever seen him pull a suplex-to-nutshot power move?

Powers seen include super-speed, super-jump, super-impact shockwave and super-jerk telekinesis. Basically, it's a game where the president is a one-man drone strike. If that's meant to be satire, it's probably accidental.

Saints Row 4 is out August 23rd. I look forward to its inauguration speech.

UPDATE: Wait there's more, some in-game footage from PAX showing super speed super jumping, super punching and the like.