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Our favourite gaming monitor is under £600 for Black Friday

(Image credit: Asus)

ASUS' ROG Swift 27" screen has been the top of our best gaming monitors list for a while now. It's also a pick I can personally vouch for—I bought one a couple of years ago, and it's probably the greatest single upgrade I've made to my PC gaming experience. You can now get it much cheaper than I did thanks to this Black Friday deal.

It's a 1440p screen, meaning it's ideal if you're running a mid-range card like the RTX 2070 Super that's less suited for full 4K gaming. Thanks to the 165Hz refresh rate, G-Sync support and IPS panel, the picture quality is both smooth and vibrant. Its only real downside is the price, and while £600 is hardly cheap, it's nonetheless a great price for a quality monitor.

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q 27" gaming monitor | £596.95 (save £85)
This is the cheapest price we've seen for ASUS' fantastic 1440x2560 monitor. It's a brilliant screen, with an IPS panel, G-Sync and a 165Hz refresh rate.View Deal

The 27" size feels nice and substantial when you're gaming in front of it. And while IPS screens generally offer a lower response time than TN panels, the 4ms feels perfectly fast, and the smoothness of the 165Hz; G-Sync combo can't be understated. It's an easy recommendation from me.

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