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Our favourite controller for PC gaming is currently at an incredibly low price in the UK

Our favourite controller for PC gaming is currently at an incredibly low price in the UK

Our top pick for the best PC controller is at a really low price in the UK right now: you can snap up Sony's DualShock 4 controller for just £29.99 at Argos right now. The elegant white variant of controller is going for the same price at Amazon too too. This represents a further discount on top of that being offered by Sony at the moment as part of their Days of Play event—this slashed the 'standard' price of the DualShock 4's to £34.99 (until the 17th). The Days of Play price of £34.99 covers all of the red, camouflage and blue variants all at Argos now too, if those colour schemes are more your style.

For some PC Gamer readers, a controller is the preferred option of play. For example, I have slightly 'different' hands and without options like the DualShock 4 I wouldn't be able to game on PC anywhere nearly as comfortably and enjoyable as I do when using a DS4. On top of this, some games almost demand it as their key-binding is a bit rubbish (I'm looking at you Rage 2).

Sony DualShock 4 controller in white for £29.99 at Amazon
This chic-looking white variant of the DualShock 4 is down to one of its lowest ever prices and a total bargain for less than 30 quid.View Deal

Sony DualShock 4 controller in black for £29.99 Argos
Our favourite controller for PC gaming in the original black colour, and for an absolute steal of a price. View Deal

The DualShock 4 is is comfortable and excellently designed with ergonomics in mind, has a familiar and reliable button layout which provides a good base for most games, and it's solid and durable. You will have to use unofficial software to hook it up to your rig but its pretty straightforward.

With the options available to us nowadays controllers are a perfectly viable way to enjoy PC gaming, so when such a quality pad comes in at such a quality price, it's worth some attention. However, you'll want to keep your options open so remember to check out our take on the best gaming mouse and the best gaming keyboard.

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