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Only headshots count in Killing Floor 2 this week

"...By removing the head or destroying the brain." The sage advice in the early minutes of Shaun of the Dead is especially applicable in this week's Killing Floor 2 Weekly Outbreak, the temporary challenges running in unison with its free, horror circus-themed Summer Sideshow update. 

In "Cranium Cracker," players can only put down zeds with headshots, a test of marksmanship, especially for KF2's guns and character perks that don't emphasize single-shot accuracy. Beat Cranium Cracker, and you'll earn the "Headshot Weekly" skin for the Sharpshooter's SPX 464 Centerfire rifle, appropriately. If you're matchmaking, select the "Weekly" mode rather than the usual "Survival" to be queued into Cranium Cracker.

This is one of eight Weekly Outbreak challenges that will run until August, as Tripwire creative director Bill Munk announced at the PC Gaming Show last week at E3.

Evan Lahti
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