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Here's the hardware we're putting in the Large Pixel Collider

Construction of the Large Pixel Collider is continuing apace. After revealing our plans for a new LPC a couple weeks ago, we're ready to reveal the core components of the LPC.  They're pretty ridiculous.

Watch along in the video above as two of our most hardware-smart editors, Tuan Nguyen and Wes Fenlon, go through the build piece by piece. This is just the start of the LPC—next, we'll reveal the theme of this year's build (its look and feel) and I think it's just as exciting as these absurdly powerful bits of silicon we're screwing together.

The build so far

Someone get me a towel. That combination of SSDs and HDDs is going to give us more than 42TB of storage, if my math is right. This is the bulk of our build, but there's still more big decisions to be made. Tell us in the comments which case, monitor, mouse, and other peripherals you'd like to see hooked up to our face-melting gaming PC.

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