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Jump Force is a new Shonen Jump mash-up fighting game, see the trailer

The debut trailer for Jump Force, a Shonen Jump mash-up fighting game, was revealed at Microsoft's E3 press conference. 

Set in a ruined city, the trailer shows a suite of Shonen Jump characters duking it out, including Goku, Naruto, the One Piece guy, some dude from Death Note, and— listen, I'm not a great anime correspondent.

Here are some more insights from our resident anime expert: Naruto punches Dragon Ball Z villain Frieza in the face, and Goku goes Super Saiyan before punching Frieza in the face. So far, Jump Force mainly seems to be a game about beating up Frieza. The characters teased at the end are Death Note's Light Yagami and his god of death pal Ryuk. Presumably Light fights by scribbling "Goku" in a notebook and watching him die.

Jump Force is coming from publisher Bandai Namco, but we don't have more details on the developer yet; best guess is Spike Chunsoft, which has made One Piece and Jump crossover fighting games in the past.

Jump Force will release in 2019. More as we have it.

James Davenport
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