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Where to find the bolt cutters in GTA Online

GTA cayo perico bolt cutters locations
(Image credit: Rockstar North)

Looking for the GTA Cayo Perico bolt cutters? Once you've figured out how to start the GTA Cayo Perico Heist, there are a number of things you'll need to do to gather intel to help you plan for the mission head and help it go off without a hitch.

The bolt cutters are part of the GTA Cayo Perico points of interest and scoping these out will help you cut through any padlocks you come across when the heist gets underway. But the bolt cutters aren't particularly easy to spot, so read on if you want to discover the GTA Online bolt cutters locations.

How to get the GTA Cayo Perico bolt cutters

The bolt cutters can spawn in random locations throughout the island of Cayo Perico, so you may have to search in more than one location in order to find them. It's also worth noting that they're often found near a red toolbox and taking a photo of the general area may count if you can't find the exact location. 

You'll get one as part of the main story but I've listed all the locations in which they've been found below—though you might need to visit several of these to find the number you need. If you don't find them at the exact location mentioned, it's worth having a look around the area as they may also spawn close by.

  • North of north docks, on the small landmass that juts out above the docks on the map. They are sitting on top of a small box, next to a red toolbox. 
  • West of the north docks, close to the ocean.
  • South of the north docks, around the buildings
  • At the Airport, just south of the Supply Truck point of interest. It's on a table near some buildings.
  • South of the airport, near the solar panels.
  • Next to the sniper tower around the wheat fields in the east: It's sitting on a stack of boards.
  • Southwest area of the wheat fields.

For a more visual guide, you can check out this map from Reddit user FeeneyMemey.

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