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Fortnite Crew September: The Burning Wolf is your next subscriber skin

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(Image credit: Epic Games)
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Fortnite Crew subscribers now know what their next exclusive skin is: The Burning Wolf. The legend goes that the Burning Wolf was the first nemesis of Fortnite mainstay Midas. Despite being foes, the pair thought so highly of each other that Midas managed to later recruit Burning Wolf as his enforcer.

Burning Wolf is a mix of sleek ninja style and knightly armor made to look like a snarling wolf bathed in pink flame. It's not too shabby, I'd say. If armored ninjas are your thing (who doesn't love Snake Eyes?), then you could certainly do worse.

So when will Burning Wolf be out? We've run down all the details below so you can get your hands on the firey ninja canine as soon as possible.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Crew: When does Burning Wolf release?

Burning Wolf will become available to all Fortnite Crew subscribers on August 31 at 8 PM ET. Of course, if you start a Fortnite Crew subscription any time during the month of September, before October's skin arrives, you'll receive Burning Wolf.

Fortnite Crew: Burning Wolf items

In addition to his snazzy outfit, Burning Wolf comes with some awesome cosmetic items. His "Burning Fangs" back bling lets him sheathe his swords. Speaking of, his dual-wielded swords are his pickaxe tool, and operate the same way as any other dual-wield harvesting tools.

As is the norm, all Fortnite Crew subscribers get a free batch of 1,000 V-bucks to spend as they please. You'll also get access to the current season battle pass, and if you already bought the battle pass, you'll get a one-time refund of 950 V-bucks.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Crew: Other details for September

After Burning Wolf, Epic's next skins for Fortnite Crew include the two other "First Shadows" that work for Midas, including a spooky masked fellow and a trenchcoat-wearing woman. Epic says that if you collect all three of these skins, then in November you'll receive an alternate style for all of them.

If you still want August's Fortnite Crew skin, Summer Skye, you'll need to subscribe before 8 PM ET on August 31. Otherwise you'll miss out on her forever.