Fanatical Black Friday sale discounts Two Point Hospital, Surviving Mars, and more

Fanatical’s early Black Friday sale has a few discounts to trawl through (more than 1,500 of them, apparently), but since you probably don’t have time for that, I’ve found a few that might tickle your fancy and save you a few pennies. Don’t forget to apply the discount code to save more: BLACKFRIDAY10.

It’s not the biggest discount of the bunch, but Two Point Hospital is still pretty new and, and someone with excellent opinions about hospital management gave it a very positive review, so it must be good! It’s 29 percent off in the sale with the code.

While we’re on the subject of management, how about Surviving Mars? It’s 50 percent off, and if you’re not convinced that building a struggling colony on a dusty, red world sounds like a hoot, take a look at my Surviving Mars review. The Space Race DLC is quite good, too.

I’ve made an enemy of historians, I know, but Total War: Warhammer 2 is the best Total War. It’s also 43 percent off. It’s great, and once you’ve conquered the world, grab the excellent Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC if you fancy mucking around with undead crab monsters. 

Clearly I like my strategy and management romps, but there’s actions, too. Spooky Alien: Isolation is 79 percent off, while orc murder sim Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition is 64 percent off. Not fast or hectic enough for you? The Bayonetta and Vanquish pack gives you both of Platinum’s crazy shooters for a 71 percent discount. 

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