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Do Not Cross mixes investigation and crime scene cleanup

Do Not Cross 2

For most games, murder is a thing you do. Far less often, it's a thing you solve. Rarer still, it's a thing you clean up. Do Not Cross is going further still: it's a thing you clean up, investigate, and also get a bit obsessed over.

"[Do Not Cross] will revolve around the downfall of the protagonist," explains artist Tobias Frank on the game's TIGSource DevLog. "He starts out as a rather normal individual. The more time he spends alone with his job the more he becomes fascinated by the dark subject matter. This development won't stay without consequences, and will be the central pillar of the story."

According to Frank, the plan is to create a melancholic atmosphere and a unique method of storytelling. "You'll spend a lot of time alone in the apartments of crime victims," he writes. "This gives you the chance to find out more about them by looking through their personal belongings." Fun!

There's no release date yet—in fact, the DevLog tracker states the game as only 10% finished. Nevertheless, I love the gruesome art style, and the set-up sounds agreeably disturbing and twisted. You can keep an eye on development through TIGSource or IndieDB.

Do Not Cross 1

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