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Control's free end-game Expeditions mode is out now

A Control update snuck out during The Game Awards last night, which will be of particular interest to players who have already finished the main story. The new Expeditions mode is free for everyone, though you won't be able to access it until late in the game, at which point you'll unlock special combat challenges in another dimension. 

These time-limited expeditions will be accessible through a jukebox in the Central Executive area, but you'll need to spend tokens first. Luckily, you'll find one just lying around the area, but after that you'll have to complete other challenges and alerts, or kill named enemies, if you want more. You'll also need to have completed the 'My Brother's Keeper' mission. 

Pay the jukebox toll and you'll be able to go on an expedition to the Formation connected to the ominous Black Rock Quarry and shoot stuff. Expeditions all have three difficulty tiers that you'll have to unlock one after the other, and each of them comes with different difficulty modifiers that do stuff making weapons do more damage or the give the hiss more damage resistance. 

Expeditions come with a 25-minute time limit, within which you'll have to complete four areas. Death, unfortunately, means you lose progress in the area you were in. Run out of time and you lose the token and will need to hunt down another if you fancy trying again. Rewards include exclusive mods, rare crafting materials and a new outfit for Jesse. 

By the end of Control I was really just pushing my way through the combat to finish the story and discover more of that fascinating, weird lore. Jesse's abilities are great, but I'd be cool with never having to fight another hiss again, so the Expeditions mode really doesn't hold much appeal. I'd much rather have more story than more challenges, but maybe there will be a bit of that in the Formation as well, though it seems pretty focused on combat.

The update is out now, so you can check it out for yourself.  


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