UFO shapes have appeared in Fortnite, sign says comet could hit tomorrow

Left, the comet. Right, a lil UFO thing. 

Off the back of some theories about the incoming destruction of Titled Towers, more evidence has surfaced in Fortnite's latest 3.6 update. Players have noticed UFO-shaped stars (maybe just UFOs?) dotting the sky around the mysterious comet in the sky. Take a look at Reddit user Niels_Kooloos clips to see one of the celestial objects for yourself. Not everyone is convinced they're UFOs, saying they're just strange new stars, but I can't help it. I want to believe. 

In addition to the UFO stars, someone did some decorating on a rooftop at Tilted Towers. Reddit user colinix has a bird's-eye of the scene here, and Reddit user mateybob took some screens of the signs strewn about the scene. One sign could be read as a prediction that the comet will hit tomorrow, but seeing that they scrawled out "Today" already, I wouldn't take that sign as a guarantee. 

It appears that the residents of Titled Towers are as worried about the end times as us, setting up shop to accept whatever fate awaits them, whoever the hell they are anyway. Shouldn't they be more worried about the endless stream of soldiers parachuting down and murdering one another? Eh. 

The signs aren't limited to Battle Royale either. Players of PvE mode Save the World have been scrounging up clues too, pointing to the latest story update. You can read the full theory where else but on Reddit, but here's the gist. Lars, some dude with a flying van, thinks the husks (zombies) are communicating with something in the sky. His friend has gone missing via an alleged alien abduction, so Lars sets out to investigate in a desert environment. They eventually establish contact with the missing person, who says they're safe, but basically confirms they're in the hands of some intelligence in the sky. 

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Aliens, baby. PvE players think the comet is actually a mothership of sorts, which means those UFO stars might be smaller ships just coming into focus. 

I buy it, but who knows? Whatever happens is probably going to happen very soon. Season 3 of Battle Royale ends on April 30, which seems like a convenient time to introduce sweeping changes to the whole of Fortnite.

James Davenport

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