Two Point Hospital will add Sandbox mode next week, reveals Halloween event

Two Point Hospital debuts its Sandbox: Freeplay mode at TwitchCon today, which will roll out to all players next week. 

Marked as the "first in a line of planned Sandbox updates for Two Point Hospital", Sandbox: Freeplay lets players rename hospitals and unlock every option—which allows you to "make it rain", so tells the narrator below.

As outlined in the video above's description, Sandbox: Freeplay is unlocked by playing through the main campaign's first three levels. After that, you're free to craft sandbox hospitals in any of the game's 15 levels. 

"Whether you’re a malevolent god or a beneficent sky being, use your unlimited cash and Kudosh to affect everything within your sandbox hospitals," says publisher Sega. "Don’t want any epidemics? Turn ‘em off! Don’t want to see any queues ruining the aesthetic of your perfectly designed Healthcare Empire? BAN THEM! And, to continue our recent customisation theme, you can also rename any of your hospitals to whatever you like."

And on top of all that, Two Point Hospital is also running a limited-time Halloween event. Expect a new disease named Frightheadedness and a "spooooooky" soundtrack, among other things. Check-in and check-out between now and next week.