Two amazing Minecraft videos

minecraft screen

There have been plenty of impressive video-nuggets coming out of Minecraft recently. Here are two of them. The first is a developer fly-over render of the Minecraft world, meant to test the terrain generator - it gets pretty fast, and remains gorgeous at all times. The second is a player touring the world they've built up over their previous play sessions on a ridable mine cart. Watch it to the end - you'll never guess where the track stops.

As astounding as that is, I love this second one even more because it showcases the world Minecraft encourages you to build, not the one that generates at startup. Castles, walkways, bridges, lakes, waterfalls, tunnels, and underground caverns - it turns you into a proper architect (infact, for one guy, it actually did ).

If you want to purchase Minecraft, you can do so for €9.95 at the official site . The game is still in alpha, but when have you seen an alpha that looked this good? Best fiver I ever spent, not counting my Intangible Hat of Wisdom.