Twitch will rotate in a new PogChamp emote every 24 hours from now on

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A photo of Kenny McWild, used for the PogChamp emote temporarily.

The first temporary PogChamp is Kenny "UnRooolie" McWild (opens in new tab). (Image credit: Kenny McWild)

Two days ago, Twitch removed the popular PogChamp emote following controversial comments from the face behind it, but said that it would find a way for "the sentiment and use of Pog to live on" by collaborating with the streaming community.

One idea for a new PogChamp emote came from Sean "Day[9]" Plott (opens in new tab), gaming personality and host of our own PC Gaming Show, who suggested a dynamic emote that randomly selects a different streamer's face every time it's used.

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Twitch has decided to do something similar but, rather than being randomized on every use, a new face will take the role of PogChamp role every 24 hours.

The first PogChamp emote in the rotating PogChamp era is the face of Kenny "UnRooolie" McWild (opens in new tab), who put himself forward as a candidate in a tweet (opens in new tab) on January 6.

By changing the face of PogChamp daily, Twitch may avoid a repeat situation: If any one of the faces behind PogChamp says or does something to alter the context of the emote, they can just remove that person's face from the rotation. Of course, that only helps them with PogChamp. The other global emotes haven't changed.

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