Try the demo for this 2D platformer about defending your dungeon from adventurers

Skelattack is not about the many brave adventurers plundering a dungeon's depths. It's about Skully, an enchanted skeleton who doesn't want adventurers poking around his dungeon. It's a fittingly spooky 2D platformer with an anti-hero twist, and you can try it for yourself via the free demo available on GameJolt

"You awaken to the sound of the alarm bell letting you know that intruders have been seen within the dungeon," publisher Ukuza says of Skelattack. "Joined by your helpful bat companion Imber and armed with magic, you exit into the sewers of the dungeon, sword in hand, to begin your hunt." 

Skully sports the double-jump and wall-slide you'd expect from a platformer protagonist, and his abilities hint at light RPG elements. You can upgrade your equipment with the help of a blacksmith, for instance, and customize your choice of magic. There are also several NPCs to meet, many of them weaker dungeon monsters who are grateful for your defense, a cute spin on the usual dungeon rhetoric.

Skelattack's demo is promising as well. Skully's animations are spot-on, and jumping around and over the dungeon's many traps feels responsive. I had no trouble playing the demo with a controller (a PS4 controller mapped via DS4Windows, for the record), and it never crashed on me, so give it a go. And if you're in the market for skeleton heroes, have a gander at Super Skelemania, another skeleton-starring platformer. 

Developer David Stanley plans to release Skelattack on Steam January 19, 2018. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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