TPCast’s wireless adapter for the Vive is available to preorder (again) in the US

It took a bit of waiting, but Vive owners who live in the US and Canada can finally preorder TPCast's wireless adapter. It costs $299 and will begin shipping to customers on November 24.

This is the second time that preorders have opened up in the North America, at least in some capacity. In September, TPCast started accepting preorders in Europe and planned on doing so in the US as well. However, it ended up delaying plans so it could set up shop in the US, but not before Microsoft got antsy and accepted a few preorders in its online store.

In any event, today marks the official preorder availability in North America.

"Following the pent-up demand in the North American market we’re excited to bring our revolutionary wireless technology to users," said Michael Liu, founder, and CEO of TPCast. "Gone are the days when VR users must settle for the tethered experience; North American users can now experience true freedom—the freedom to explore a beautiful scene, to turn 360 degrees, jump, and even flip without impediment. We believe this industry milestone changes the game for VR unleashing it into a wireless world."

The adapter kit consists of five parts—a PC module that transmits the VR video and audio from the PC to the headset, an RX module that captures the data from the PC module (it sits on top of the headset), a router, battery, and charger.

Installation goes like this (enjoy the music, folks):

According to UploadVR's hands-on testing, ideal positioning on the head can block headphones, but overall the wireless adapter is "pretty capable."

TPCast's wireless adapter is available now on its own website and through Newegg (for $0.99 more). Amazon and other retailers should have it soon as well.

Paul Lilly

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