TPCast wireless adapter for HTC Vive goes up for preorder in US

Perhaps the next version of HTC's Vive headset will be cordless, freeing you from those tangles of wires that hang from your head. In the meantime, you can cut the cords with a TPCast wireless adapter, which is now available to preorder in the US.

This same wireless kit went up for preorder in Europe last month, and now it is available in the US through the Microsoft Store, an interesting launch partner. It costs $299 with free shipping—apparently the price has gone up, as it was originally supposed to cost $220. According to the listing, it will release on September 25.

The TPCast adapter boasts easy installation. It consist of an HMD receiver that mounts directly to the Vive headset, which then wirelessly communicates with an included PC transmitter.

"A highly optimized antenna array and large bandwidth ensure a display experience that’s as good as the wired one. And with no cable getting in the way, you have even more freedom to lose yourself completely in VR," TPCast says.

UploadVR tested the wireless adapter and said it is "pretty capable" overall, though noted that ideal positioning on the head can block headphones. TPCast is also aware of an issue supporting voice chat and is working on a fix.

One thing to bear in mind is that TPCast is not the only wireless accessory making its way to VR headsets. However, it is one of the firsts.

Paul Lilly

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