Total War: Three Kingdoms' gore DLC includes 'equine dismemberment'

Total War: Three Kingdoms is pretty light on gore, but it's about to get some gruesome DLC that will smear blood and limbs across the battlefield. Lovely! Every Total War gets one. Unfortunately, horses are also on the chopping block this time, and their legs can be lopped off. Probably something we could all do without seeing. 

Like the other blood packs, this one is purely visual, though it does look like Creative Assembly have added some new features, including the ability to increase or decrease the gore's intensity. Warhammer 2 is the only game I've ever used it in, because it seemed rather fitting, but the amount of blood was so comical, covering everyone head to toe, that I turned it off after one battle.

Here are all the grisly details:

  • Human dismemberment: limb-lops and beheadings
  • Equine dismemberment: leg lops
  • Charred bodies
  • Blood sprays on weapon impacts   
  • New death animations for characters vs infantry 
  • Dead bodies as battlefield set-dressing 
  • Blood scaler: increase or decrease the level of gore to your tastes

The Reign of Blood pack is due out on June 27. There's a store page, but no price. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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