Titanfall update 5 will introduce a Black Market for Burn Cards and insignia

Soon you'll be able to purchase Burn Card packs and fancy Titan adornments in a new Titanfall marketplace. The Black Market is coming as part of the game's fifth major update due July 31, which will also introduce daily challenges and several bug fixes. The Black Market unlocks at level 11 and allows players to purchase Burn Card packs and Insignia with in-game credits. Real world currency will not be supported and will never be introduced, according to designer David Shaver.

"With the introduction of an in-game currency, some may worry that the next step is that we will let players spend real-world money to get an edge in the game," Shaver wrote. "We have stated several times that Titanfall will not have micro-transactions. Fear not, for we plan to keep that promise - NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! The only way to get Credits is by playing the game!"

Where are all these credits coming from? You'll earn them by winning or completing matches, completing the forthcoming daily challenges, discarding and selling burn cards, and for winning the first victory of the day. It's a pretty major shake up which, in concert with the daily challenges, will hopefully provide the game a much needed boost in player numbers. Here's a look at how it works:

While insignias are pretty straightforward (you just buy the one you want), Burn Cards will only come in themed packs. While you're likely to get Burn Cards you want based on the category you choose (for example, a Time Boost Pack), you can't select individual burn cards, thus maintaining the value of certain highly sought after cards.

Respawn is also due to release its second map on July 31. Entitled Frontier's Edge , it will include the ' Dig Site ' map, among others.

Shaun Prescott

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