Respawn reveals Titanfall's second DLC map pack, Frontier's Edge

Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall is going to some new and interesting places by way of Frontier's Edge, the second of three planned map packs that takes the game to the very edge of the universe—and beyond!

Well, maybe not beyond. The press release doesn't say anything about that, but it does most definitely refer to the game going to the edge of the universe, which alas sounds like a pretty normal place: The Frontier's Edge DLC pack includes three maps, one set in a mining outpost known as Dig Site, one at the "exclusive beach resort" of Haven and one in a mining hub—which is apparently different from a mining outpost somehow—called Export.

Dig Site, Haven and Export may collectively be the least-creatively-named maps in the history of videogames, so hopefully they bring some decent gameplay to the Titanfall table—better, at least, that the first map pack, Expedition. That one, which included "two great maps and a poor one" and no story content or other elements, scored a paltry 68 in its May review , which called it an "over-expensive proposition."

Frontier's Edge, the second of three planned DLC releases, will sell for the same price when it comes out: $10 separately or $25 as part of the Titanfall Season Pass . No release date has been announced.

Andy Chalk

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